Don’t keep quiet about Silent Tweets!

Imagine you’re sitting at an airport gate waiting to catch your flight and suddenly everyone around you starts moving from the gate. You wonder “what have I missed? Is it a gate change? Is the flight delayed or cancelled?”

You can now get a “Silent Tweet” application for either your iPhone or Android Smartphone to keep you informed of the latest developments or news and you can also view and post messages which
are geographically targeted and time specific.

This innovative application which provides free community broadcasting for people who are deaf and hearing impaired was developed by Australian Communication Exchange (ACE). The 2012 Australian Deaf Games in Geelong in January where around 1,500 people were able to download and use the app to receive sports results and important program changes was chosen by ACE to launch their new product.

This free broadcasting system will be used throughout Australia to communicate emergency messages such as bushfire alerts, power outages, weather and traffic reports, gate or platform changes for airports or train stations, and notifications at sports stadiums.
If you, or someone you know would benefit from this clever invention go to the website for more information.

from ASSCA’s Newsletter – May 2012

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