National Cyber Security Awareness Week 12th till 15th

The internet is an exciting way for all Australians to connect with loved ones, engage with others socially and to learn new things.

We’ve all heard about dangers in the online world such as cyberbullying, offensive content, scams, fraud and unwanted contact. These things shouldn’t stop us from using the internet; however, it’s important to know what to do if you or a loved one encounters a problem.

The Cybersafety Help Button is a FREE Australian Government initiative which is a great resource offering easy 24-hour access to cybersafety information. It is easy to navigate, easy to understand and includes links to valuable resources to help all Australians stay safe online. It is designed to
help users take control of the online environment by providing information on how to deal with cyber-safety issues.

As we all are looking for different information – the Help Button provides us with the option to TALK about any online issues that are of concern, REPORT inappropriate online content or behaviour, and LEARN about how to be a good digital citizen. So anytime you need help in dealing with a cyber safety issue, click on the Help Button to access helpful information, reporting and counselling resources.

We all have a role in making the internet a safe place to visit, so remember: Be Safe, Be Smart and Play Your Part. And most importantly, enjoy all of the fantastic benefits the internet has to offer.

from ASSCA’s Newsletter – June 2012

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