ASCCA wins ACCAN Grant to investigate Interactive Education across the Internet

ASCCA’s member clubs have a great deal of expertise in creating courses and delivering them to Seniors. But rarely is it possible to share this expertise generally across all of our clubs. Also, in this time of rapidly changing  information technology, where smartphones and iPads can replace desktops, and over 100,000 Apps strive to replace the familiar Programs we are accustomed to, we would all benefit by sharing more, so that our volunteer Trainers can keep abreast of changes.

That is the project this ACCAN grant will fund. Firstly, we would like to survey all clubs to understand what each has to offer, and how they expect to cater for newer technologies and the training of their Trainers.

Secondly, we would like to identify a champion Trainer in each club to agree to be the ASCCA contact on training; a person who sees the benefit in sharing what is developed rather than doing everything from scratch.

Thirdly, we would help to upgrade the skills of these champions, to have them become comfortable in using Internet-based learning and teaching tools (such as Blackboard Collaborate which some of you may know from the Broadband for Seniors Program).

Finally, we will discover together and understand what works and what doesn’t work for Seniors and for Trainers using this approach. It will take 12 months to finish this project, by which time a stimulating air of cooperation should permeate all of our clubs.

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) is the peak body representing all consumers on communications issues including telecommunications, broadband and emerging new services.
The ACCAN Website is a good one to watch for news on communications  issues that affect us and our families. It is their aim, through effective advocacy, to empower consumers to make good choices about products and services. ACCAN provides a strong, unified voice to industry and government and works towards availability, accessibility and affordability of communications services for all Australians.

The ACCAN Grants Scheme funds programs that work towards their vision of available, accessible and affordable communications for all. ASCCA’s successful submission outlined our plans for Efficient Seniors’ Training Using
Broadband Technologies.

As the NBN rolls out, it is estimated that 1.5 million seniors will need training on how best to use and enjoy its benefits. ASCCA, with experience delivering effective training and resources to seniors all over Australia, is uniquely positioned to reach seniors where present programs are restricted by lack of
volunteers and the tyranny of distance.

from ASSCA’s Newsletter – July 2012

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