How to Print the New Look Newsletter

You may have noticed change afoot with your club newsletter, as you’ll have seen from the May 2016 newsletter onwards. The newsletter is readable on any device it adapts to the screen you view it on, be that iPad and iPhone’s, Android or Chrome devices.

Your can naturally read the newsletter straight from your email application, along with printing it. You can also click on the “View this email in your browser” link at the top of each newsletter if you wish to read in a browser window.

Another way to print the newsletter with the least amount of additional email clutter. “First click on  “View this email in your browser” then go to File > Print (Ctrl+P) > Then go to Properties (sometimes called Settings depending on the printer/app used).

The most recent printers allow you to do double sided printing. Turn it on as this saves paper and cost. Or alternative some printers allow you to print odd numbered pages first then reverse paper and print even numbered pages.

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