A Letter from COTA



Which problems are older people encountering with the COVID shutdowns?
What does COTA need to be doing next to tackle these problems?
Are you worried about a friend or family member during this time and want us to reach out to them and make sure they have all the information and support they need?

These are the questions we are working on at COTA Australia. In the last five weeks, Australia has changed a lot for Older Australians. Many new challenges have arisen, and COTA Australia has been working to fix them as fast as possible.
This week’s initiative has been the Older Person’s COVID-19 Support Line. Working collaboratively with OPAN, National Seniors and Dementia Australia, the Older Person’s COVID-19 Support Line is supported by funding from the Australian Government. Older Australians, their friends, relatives and supporters can call 1800 171 866 for any information or services they need.

Senior Australians, their families and carers can FREECALL 1800 171 866 if they:

  • would like to talk with someone about what COVID-19 means for them or a loved one
  • are feeling lonely or distressed or are worried about a loved one feeling the same?
  • are caring for a someone and need some information or a listening ear about what COVID-19 means for your circumstances.
  • are worried about COVID-19 means for their usual aged care service
  • are worried about a friend or family member living with dementia.

We know coronavirus – or COVID 19 – is causing fear and confusion within the community. COTA Australia is working with the Government, and with the media, to make sure that people receive clear, reliable and consistent information.

For up-to-date and reliable information about COVID -19, read more here: https://www.cota.org.au/covid19/

Please let us know of any people or situations you would like us to follow up.

Best wishes

Ian Yates AM
Chief Executive
COTA Australia

P.S. As part of that initiative, we have also opened up 1300 COTA AU (1300 268 228) if you would like to speak to COTA directly – to answer any questions, arrange ongoing support for you or your loved one or just want a chat.

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