Coronavirus and what it means to you and your club.

Dear Members,
Due to our government’s advice and like the rest of the world, Computer Pals will need to evolve as the Coronavirus situation changes.
As a result of the last government warnings and notice from the Northern Beaches Council, Forest Computer Pals will temporally close down from Friday the 20th March 2020.
The committee made this decision in the best interest of its members and their health. A review of the situation will be made before the 30th of April 2020. We will keep in touch with you and are trying to work out ways for our trainers to do one one one through specialist software.
With every bodies help, we will get through this and rebuild Computer Pals. We will do all we can in moving your renewal date as far forward as we can afford and we’ll be seeking the council’s help in this.
Please seek your own medical advice as to what you are safe to do.
My GP made it clear No Shopping centres and no groups at all.
Beneath this statement is a 2-page resource sheet from the NSW Health and CEC health. sites. I hope they will help. Any other health worries use those sites or your GP.

Colin Ward


Forest Computer Pals

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