Password Management

Use a password manager to remember all your passwords.Do you really need to remember 100 passwords? Not at all. A passwords manager is a piece of software that keeps all your password safe, encrypted, and protected. It can even generate strong passwords for you and automatically enter them into websites and apps.

Password managers act as a digital safe-deposit box for all your online accounts. You just need one key to get into your accounts: A single, easy-to-remember but the hard-to-guess password. That password unlocks the safe. But what if your password manager gets hacked? A good one keeps your passwords encrypted behind a password they don’t know (only you do). They don*t store any of your credentials on their servers. While no single tool can guarantee total online safety, security experts agree that using a password manager is far more secure than using the same password everywhere. Dashlane or Lastpass

Tip on phone scammers.

One way to slow down phone scams.

As most of you know all my incoming phone calls come through my answering machine. I know this might seem inconvenient, but it does weed out the scam calls. Most people who call me have their numbers in my phones “Phone book”. ‘Private Number’ or ‘Unknown Caller’ come up when it’s not recognized by the phone. Most people who call me regularly, family, members and friends are listed in the phone’s “phone Book” and come up as such. If you are not listed and go to my answer machine, then leave Name and Number for me to contact you or If I’m home, I’ll pick up and talk to you.

Phone Calls not to answer:

Calls from Nicole, telling you you’ll be disconnected if you don’t switch to the NBN, press 1 for Technician.  Interesting as I’m getting more calls from Nicole since I went on to the NBN than before.
Telstra, Tax Office and Microsoft. “Your windows is broken”.
Bank fraud by email. Some of the most commonly reported products that scammers are attempting to sell this year are:
 shoes,  smartphones and tickets to events,
Protecting yourself:
Microsoft Windows Defender- protection against malware or viruses,
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free-Essential
Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit (beta)-useful.
Advanced System Care Ultimate  —  Powerful PC Protection  — Advanced SystemCare Ultimate offers one-click approaches to protect your PC in real-time. It blocks viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware and other malicious infections from accessing your PC. Along with the latest Bitdefender engine, the protection is doubled.  Ver 13 does a few extras and better.

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