Tutorials by Phil Ingram from Forest Computer Pals

Phil Ingram from Forest Computer Pals will present 2 lessons. The first on how to use File Explorer. Using the mouse to manage moving and copying files. These lessons are in video format, meaning you can watch and listen to them as though you would in a one on one setting.  Part 1-FCPFS-FileExplorer-Part1  — 10:45min—Size: 44Mb—– Part 2 – FCPFS-FileExplorer-Part2—11:45min–Size: -46Mb

The second 2 part lesson is on the use of email in this particular case the Gmail program.

Part 1–FCPFS-Email-Part1-Time 10:45 Mins– Size: -40 Mb— Part 2 — FCPFS-Email-Part2  —:11:33Mins –Size:-46 Mb.

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